Monkey king Wukong enters the Paragon arena on June 6

A familiar face is entering the world of Agora. Wukong, the Monkey King is the latest hero and he will be available in Epic Games' Paragon on June 6. He is a melee carry (Order/Corruption) and used to be good pals with Feng Mao, but Wukong became too much to handle and Feng decided to trap him in a cave. Now, some 100 years later, Wukong is free and on his way to Agora to give Feng Mao some more pain in the butt.

Here is the list of Wukong's abilities and the announcement trailer.

• Control Aggression (E/Circle) – Passive: grants bonus CP to a random minion in the area upon last hit. Toggle: the Monkey King swaps between offensive and defensive stance. DEF – Defensive stance, OFF – Offensive stance.
• Staff of Legend (RMB/R1) – Extends his polearm. OFF: your polearm deals damage and pushes enemies back the length of the staff. DEF: Wukong plants his staff and launches himself into the air with a directional jump.
• Cloudwalker (Q/Square) – Passive: Grants the Monkey King a double jump (Spacebar/X). OFF: the jump will end with a slam into the ground which deals damage and slows enemies. DEF: he is able to walk on air following the double jump.
• 84,000 Hairs (R/Triangle) – When Wukong strikes a minion, hero or structure he will create a clone of himself. The clone cannot move and deals damage in a radius around itself. Damage dealt by clones is based on a percentage of Wukong’s damage.

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