Monster Hunter Online set for worldwide release, Crytek reveals

The announcement of the free MMORPG Monster Hunter Online as a China exclusive dropped as a bomb for western players, but now the uncertainty is put to rest thanks to Crytek, the makers of the CryEngine 3 that is used in the Capcom and Tencent game.

This PC exclusive will keep the trademark monster hunting of the popular series, offering huge environments and amazing fantasy creatures for players to discover and battle.

Crytek’s Director of Business Development, Areil Cai, said the following in a press release: “CryEngine 3 is the perfect fit for the series, and will ensure Tencent Games and Capcom are well equipped to make Monster Hunter Online the groundbreaking MMORPG experience fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating.”

The press release also included this part: “With over 20 million sales to date, Capcom’s Monster Hunter series enjoys huge popularity in Japan and boasts a growing army of followers around the globe. Monster Hunter Online will be developed for the international market by Tencent Games and Capcom, and marks an exciting new era for a series that has enjoyed critical praise to match its popularity with players.”

So, the “worldwide” and “international” bits should be enough confirmation that Monster Hunter Online will launch in all territories. Great news!

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