Mortal Online 2 Free Stress Test Open and Competition – Join Us!

Mortal Online 2 Free Stress Test

Star Vault needs YOUR help to push our servers to the limit one last time before early access launch! From 6th September to 12th September, Mortal Online 2 will be hosting a completely FREE stress test event, open to everyone! All you need to do to sign up is click here and hit the ‘REQUEST ACCESS’ button and you will be given complete access to our stress test event as soon as the servers go live.

Mortal Online 2 Free Stress Test

We have been working hard on improving our game since the last stress test event we held in March and have implemented some extremely exciting changes, as well as ironing out a load of bugs. We have new dungeons to explore at your peril, new skills to learn, a new magic school to master and new creatures to train or kill, including the deadly and dangerous troll! Throughout the stress test event several rare and challenging creatures will be appearing throughout the map, so be careful on your travels or you might just become someone’s lunch.

Throughout the stress test there will be streams from the Mortal Online 2 Twitch channel from Star Vault CEO and Henrik and some streamers from the community, so be sure to follow us at to be sure you don’t miss out! We will also be posting updates and more event details cross our social media accounts, as running a screengrab competition, where 3 lucky winners will receive full access to Mortal Online and Mortal Online 2! The screengrab competition will run from Monday 6th September 12:00am UTC until Friday 10th September 12:00pm UTC.

To enter our screengrab competition, simply capture screenshots of anything in the game you find interesting or beautiful, then you can either:

  1. Follow us on twitter
  2. Post your screenshot on Twitter tagging @MortalOnline with the hashtag #MO2Screengrab


  1.  Post your screenshot as a comment on our pinned Facebook post

And then wait to see if you win!

For more information on the screengrab competition or on the stress teste event as a whole, then check out our Stress Test page on our website here:

We are very excited for this event and hope to see as many people on our servers as possible, so make sure you head to our Steam page here and hit the ‘REQUEST ACCESS’ button to sign up, and follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates!

Stress Test Page:

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