Naruto Online: China exclusive MMORPG begins test phase

Ultimately there's been a deluge of Naruto MMORPGs, from Ultimate Naruto to Naruto Saga and now more news on Naruto Online. This one, sadly, seems to be a China exclusive browser-based MMO game and most likely free-to-play (but this is not confirmed), since it's Tencent who has the rights to the game. Tencent is working on Naruto Online along with Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm developer Cyberconnect2, Namco Bandai and More Fun Studio, which makes quite a lot of studios for a single Naruto MMORPG.

The test beta phase is set to begin on December 5th and the developers are planning to add 2 characters to this test phase, with more to come as development progresses. Naruto Online offers turn-based gameplay as you can see in the gameplay videos below, one of them revealed earlier this year.

Do you think this will be the Naruto MMORPG fans have been waiting for?

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