Naruto Saga closed beta begins October 23rd

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations just revealed the closed beta date for the upcoming free online anime RPG Naruto Saga. The beta will begin on October 23rd at 9:00 PM (GMT-5) and will run for 6 days, until Oct 29th – 23:59 (GMT-5). There's still no confirmation on whether player data will be transferred to the open beta or not, players will be informed about that two days before the end of the Naruto Saga closed beta test.

Nartuo Saga combines the King of Fighters battle style with Quick Time Events, using a turn-based system where each player can have up to 3 players that will fight in turn. This is the second Naruto free-to-play MMORPG from in just a few months, after the free browser MMORPG Ultimate Naruto.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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