Naruto Saga gets Chapter 2: Akatsuki’s Counterattack

The Naruto inspired free MMORPG Naruto Saga just received a new content updated titled Chapter 2: Akatsuki’s Counterattack. This chapter heralds the beginning of the criminal Akatsuki organisation’s Eye of Moon Plan – a devious plan to bring together the nine-tailed beasts and create an idealistic world by force.

To protect the ninja world, Naruto Saga players must band together and stop the Akatsuki by any means necessary, even it means engaging in epic battles every day! A new daily event, Akatsuki's Counterattack, now runs at set intervals, where players must tackle teams of iconic characters from the Akatsuki organisation and hold them back.

During the battles, players who manage to kill the Akatsuki Bosses will bag the new Transform Mask, which can be redeemed for all kinds of rare Transform Cards. The top 10 players in the Damage Rankings will get random daily rewards too, such as gems, secret art values, and prestige. New for Chapter 2, Transform Cards can now be used to unlock the Akatsuki members for transformation. Once transformation reaches level 90, players can enter the Six-Path Pain and eventually transform into Sage Naruto, Cursed Sasuke, Beast Gaara, and other iconic members of the Akatsuki.

Players may also recruit Akatsuki members as partners and fight side-by-side with them, including the short tempered Kakuzu; fresh faced but deadly Deidara; and powerful Akatsuki leader, Pain. Chapter 2: Akatsuki’s Counterattack also adds new rankings to Naruto Saga, with players now ranked in detail by Level, Combat Power, Faction, Arena performance and more.

Other significant Chapter 2 updates include the introduction of a third Forbidden Technique Slot, which players can unlock by spending one Kinjutsu Seal Scroll at the Mid-Autumn Mall. Players will also notice new hints for regular daily activities, new rewards for events, more generous Newbie/VIP packs, and a much improved GUI. To celebrate Chapter 2: Akatsuki’s Counterattack, publisher IceGames is running a series of Christmas themed events. From now until December 16th, players can find and keep special Christmas Decoration Materials across the Six-Path Desert, redeemable for Shiny, Luxury, or Perfect Xmas Tree Packs bursting with gifts and desirable items.

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