Naruto Saga gets character switching mechanic

Naruto Saga, the second IceGames-published free Naruto MMORPG in a few months only, is getting a lot of players (you can play the game here). The publisher revealed a few more tips, this time on the Transformation function, which allows players to embody a new character for up-to an hour before switching back. One great reason to use this function is to take advantage of the unique special skills that each character possesses, such as Itachi's mind-controlling Tsukuyomi and Orichimaru deadly Reanimation.

Transformation is level-based, with more characters available for quick-switching every time it is upgraded. Players upgrade their Transformation ability by earning Transformation Power Points, which are available by winning events, exploring the Transform Power options, and in the in-game shop. Transformation also upgrades automatically whenever it's EXP bar is filled.

The Naruto Saga open beta began on October 29th and you can learn more about the game by watching our Naruto Saga first look video.

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