NCsoft’s MOBA Master X Master is coming to North America and Europe

Master X Master voices episode 3

We were beginning to lose hope of seeing Master X Master (MXM) getting a release in North America and Europe, but NCsoft finally announced the plan to do so later this year! Master X Master is coming to North America and Europe and already has an official English website as well as a cinematic trailer to go with the announcement.

Master X Master is a MOBA and action RPG hybrid with plenty of PvE content, where up to four players are able to co-op, but also the usual PvP. You can play with characters from popular NCsoft series – think of this as the studio's Heroes of the Storm – and it includes a tag system where you can change between two characters on the fly. With some beautiful environments and currently offering over 30 Masters from games such as Blade and Soul, Guild Wars 2, Aion or WildStar: Reloaded, Master X Master is a nice, entertaining game. Watch some older gameplay below from the Korean version as well as the new trailer.

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