Need For Speed: Edge gets first trailer, closed beta soon

Just as promised, Nexon has released the first Need For Speed: Edge trailer. The upcoming Asia-only free-to-play racer is developed by EA Spearhead, formerly EA Seoul Studio. Running on the Frostbite 3 engine, Need For Speed: Edge is going to enter closed beta in Korea on November 26, 2015, with the full launch scheduled for 2016.

The trailer looks impressive and we want to believe that the footage is taken from actual gameplay, although we're not sure if the “images not representative of actual gameplay” are meant for the initial car showcase or for the entire trailer.

Need For Speed: Edge includes gameplay modes such as Speed Battle, Item Battle, Time Attack and Hot Pursuit, as well as car tuning, car trading and car manufacturing. It sounds really good and since Need For Speed World is no more, this could be the perfect replacement in the F2P MMO market. While there is no confirmation on a western release, it could happen eventually, so keep your fingers crossed.

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