Neverwinter’s three-milestone Battle Pass Echoes of Prophecy is available

Neverwinter Echoes of Prophecy

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today announced that the first milestone of Neverwinter’s new three-milestone battle pass is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With the first milestone, A Tear in the Weave, adventurers will experience the beginning of an evolving campaign as they must uncover the mystery behind the Cult of the Dragon’s return. The latest update also brings plenty of new content, including epic rewards, deadly enemies, quests and more. The campaign and content will continue to evolve with the second milestone launching on all platforms November 1, and conclude with the final milestone releasing on all platforms December 1. 

In Echoes of Prophecy, rumors of disturbances in the Weave have begun to swirl about as unfamiliar faces begin appearing alongside the population of Protector's Enclave. Alongside the legendary Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster Aumar, players investigate this mysterious phenomenon and search for answers in hopes of bringing peace to Faerûn once more. 

Players will experience this evolving, epic campaign across three unique milestones — with the first milestone having players begin their investigation of the Cult of the Dragon’s return. To successfully uncover the mystery, players must first band together to put a stop to the cult’s powerful priests. The entire Echoes of Prophecy campaign leads up to a particularly scaly campaign for Neverwinter’s next major module. 

Along the way in this adventure, players can unlock limited-time rewards, including a Neverwintan Hawk and the Neverwinter's Standard Artifact Package, by logging in, playing through the story and completing repeatable quests. Players who would like to earn additional cosmetic rewards, such as the Glistening Armor Transmute Set, and the Jewel of the North Artifact Package, can purchase the premium battle pass.

You can read more in the official website.

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