Neverwinter: highly anticipated free MMORPG enters open beta

One of the most anticipated free MMORPGs of 2013 finally entered open beta. Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter is the result of several years of passionate hard work from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment and is finally available to all players, after four closed beta weekends. To sign up and play Neverwinter now, click here.

The open beta marks the unrestricted access of the Foundry, Neverwinter’s content creation system that will push the longevity of this game to unparalleled heights. Players will be able to create and share their unique adventures with other players. The open beta also ends all character wipes, so your character will keep its progress from now on, including skill upgrades, profession choices, companions, mounts and everything of the ilk.

The Neverwinter's Gateway was also premiered along with the open beta. This is a web portal that allows players to remotely access in-game status information via their desktops, tablets, or smartphones. In its initial state, players can craft, view their characters, buy and sell in the Auction House, monitor guild activity and daily events, and access their mailboxes.

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