New MOBA Heroes Arise is now in beta

MOBA Heroes Arise

Heroes Arise is a new 5v5 MOBA from Netdragon, makers of Conquer Online. The game has entered beta late September and those who have joined in had plenty of in-game rewards to progress and explore different heroes. Check the prizes below:

1. Free Tokens

Token is one of the in-game currencies to unlock heroes, skins, or participate in various events, featuring Lexicon coming this October 1st.  You can get free Tokens from various in-game or social media events.

2. Growth Program

Achieve Level 10 to claim 5 powerful heroes and 3 splendid skins!

3. Newbies Set Sail

Complete daily quests to accumulate Activity Points to claim 3 permanent heroes and 2 Premier skins!

4. Minerva's Mystery Journey

Accumulate Steps through completing quests, and move forward along the Journey for three heroes, three skins, and lots of gems, golds, and rune shards etc.

5. Cumulative Login Bonus

Log in to the game to receive daily rewards from the in-game Event page for up to 14 days. Over a thousand Tokens is free for the taking. There’s also a free hero and a skin from this event, remember to check it out.

6. Assembly of Friends

Use friends’ Assembly Codes to unlock special quests unlocking free heroes and skins. Up to 10 heroes and 5 skins are available.

You can also claim rewards if your Assembly Code is used by your friends for certain times and reach certain milestones. An exquisite Assembly of Friends Frame awaits, along with gem, hero shard, and rune stone.

There is no date for the end of this Heroes Arise, but whenever that happens player progress will be wiped, so enjoy these offers as much as you can.

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