New Ultima ‘is a story of a journey with choice’

It seems that the upcoming Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar won’t just be a game with the BioWare brand stamped on it; it will be a true BioWare game, with all the studio’s strengths at play. We can only assume that the ending will be divisive and that Lady British and other characters may be up for grabs. Or probably not.

Executive producer Jeff Skalski told that “we have some of the best writers in the industry and even though we are scattered across several locations as an organization we do our best to share best practices among each other.”

“Ultima Forever is more than just a dungeon crawl game with friends. At its core is a story of a journey with choice. The eight virtues are threaded throughout the game and your actions will dictate how you progress those virtues.”

Let’s hope choice really plays a big part in the game and that it stays somewhat true to the old-school Ultima spirit.

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