New Zenless Zone Zero and Honkai: Star Rail trailers highlight companions

Zenless Zone Zero combat trailer

HoYoverse has released new Zenless Zone Zero a.k.a. Z-Z-Z and Honkai: Star Rail trailers, this time focusing on your adventure companions and a bit of combat mechanics, which are very distinct from one game to the other.

As you may know already, Zenless Zone Zero is a brand new IP from the makers of Genshin Impact. It delivers fast-paced and thrilling action combat in a urban fantasy setting and looks incredibly stylish. The new trailer showcases a group of companions that you get to control in your role of a Proxy, fighting against the Hollows in a bid to restore peace to New Eridu, the last urban civilization. The first closed beta shouldn't take long, sign up to get a chance at an invitation.

As for Honkai: Star Rail, this is the latest entry in the Honkai series and will get every fan of Honkai Impact 3rd excited to see familiar and brand-new faces, but this is a stand-alone story that even new players can enjoy without any need to know previous lore. This sci-fi anime story will take you aboard the Astral Express as you explore new worlds, mixing turn-based tactical combat, world exploration, puzzle solving, and a lot more.

A new Honkai: Star Rail closed beta started on May 25 and is closing in about five days.

There's little doubt in our minds that both games will be massive hits for HoYoverse, due to the high production values, expansive lore, and polished gameplay mechanics. Check the new trailers below.

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