No more Glitch, game is shutting down

Tiny Speck just revealed the terrible news today; Glitch is going to shutdown on December 9th. The studio had to make this ‘horrible’ decision and close the free-to-play 2D browser-based MMORPG due to the oldest reason in the book: not enough players.

The announcement said the following:

“Unfortunately, Glitch has not attracted an audience large enough to sustain itself and based on a long period of experimentation and our best estimates, it seems unlikely that it ever would. And, given the prevailing technological trends — the movement towards mobile and especially the continued decline of the Flash platform on which Glitch was built — it was unlikely to do so before its time was up. Glitch was very ambitious and pushed the limits of what could be done in a browser-based game … and then those limits pushed back.”

Tiny Speck will continue, however, but some of the employees are already looking for other work opportunities.

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