Onmyoji is getting an English version and it’s coming to PC

Onmyoji English Steam

Chinese giant NetEase has just announced the release of a Onmyoji English version. This hugely successful mobile game made quite an impact, especially in China, when it was released for iOS and Android in 2016. Now, the developer is working on an English version but this is also coming to PC on Steam.

The Steam version is going to feature high definition graphics, unique social options, a killer soundtrack and more. There's no official date yet, so we'll keep following this game and pestering the team until we know more.

In case you don't know what an Onmyoji is, these are Japanese specialists in the art of esoteric cosmology. The game is filled with spirit animals and other esoteric creatures, with top voice acting, high quality artwork and a Japanese style that captures the senses. At its core it's a turn-based card battler, but one that has a big focus on storytelling and quite a bit of depth.

We'll definitely take a look at Onmyoji when it launches on Steam.

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