Outspark shuts down, Fiesta goes to Gamigo

The once prolific free-to-play publisher Outspark is no more. The official website now holds a message confirming the transition of the US version of Fiesta Online to Gamigo, which operated the EU version until now. There’s no updates on the fate of other Outspark games such as Project Powder or Luvinia Online, but the official websites are, not surprisingly, down at the moment.

A single official message confirmed the fate of Outspark:  “So now that it’s official I can tell you that Outspark did indeed have an exit on Friday, and Gamigo acquired our largest franchise, Fiesta Online. An amazing ending to one of the founders of the free-to-play MMO space.”

Outspark was one of the most active F2P publishers, with games such as Fiesta Online and Secret of the Solstice getting a massive playerbase. Now, it’s no more.

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