Paragon reveals third hero Sparrow, Mockingjay was taken

Paragon shutting down

Epic Games has revealed the third hero to star in its upcoming shooter Paragon: Sparrow. A woman with a bow, the inspiration for this character seems to be clear: Katniss Everdeen aka Mockingjay from The Hunger Games. The name could also be a straight pun with the superhero Arrow. Whatever it is, the fact is that the teaser trailer is said to feature in-game graphics and they definitely look stunning.

We actually missed last week's reveal: Steel, a refugee from the Blue Man Group only wearing some really badass armor. We're making most of this up, of course, but since Epic Games hasn't released any kind of info whatsoever with these teasers, you can make your own backstory too if you wish.

The big Paragon reveal should happen in December. Keep watching the official website for more reveals and – who knows – some actual info or screenshots.

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