Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath expansion adds six new acts

Fall of Oriath

There's a new update coming to Path of Exile and man, this one is going to be big. The Fall of Oriath is already making players of this action RPG go crazy with the amount of new content, which we could sum up in six new acts, but also the removal of the Cruel and Merciless difficulty, turning the Path of Exile campaign into a one ten-act playthrough.

For those who didn't know, to reach the Path of Exile endgame you had to finish the four first Acts in three different difficulties, but now it should turn into a matter of fighting in Oriath in Act 5, proceeding through Wraeclast in Acts 6 through 9 and then returning to Oriath in Act 10. These Acts aren't completely new, as they mirror Acts 1 to 5 but with some not so slight visual differences, but also new quests and monsters. This provides a much better experience than the previous one, reducing the feeling of repetition that surely afflicted many players. You can watch a comparison of the old Act 1 and Act 6 in the video below.

The Fall of Oriath Beta should begin late April/early May, with the full release planned for June-July 2017. The official page is here and new info will be coming soon.

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