Path of Exile Mobile is announced, Diablo Immortal cowers in fear

Path of Exile Mobile

As if Path of Exile 2 wouldn't be enough of a competitor to Diablo 4, Grinding Gear Games is taking another shot at Blizzard with Path of Exile Mobile, another game announced during ExileCon.

Diablo Immortal wasn't the subject of a warm welcome, quite on the contrary; Path of Exile Mobile, on the other hand, is being well received by an eager hack and slash community that has absolute faith in what GGG is trying to do.

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With PoE Mobile, which GGG is developing itself instead of outsourcing, as… let's say, Blizzard is doing with Tencent for Diablo Immortal, the studio wants to make a good game that just happens to be playable on phones.

The difference between games on PC and phones is that players expect shorter sessions on the latter, and that is the plan. In the announcement trailer below, the creators also say that mobile games nowadays are filled with pay-to-win garbage, but the same could be said of free-to-play PC games back in 2012, when Path of Exile launched. And we all know how that turned out.

Path of Exile Mobile is described as a “complete Path of Exile game experience with no pay-to-win elements,” but there is no release date yet. The next year should bring more info, but we wouldn't expect a playable version before the end of 2020. Watch the announcement trailer below, which includes the first gameplay footage showing you some bite-sized hack and slash action.

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