Perfect New World closed beta coming to PC in May

Perfect New World beta coming to PC in May

Perfect New World is a new eastern fantasy MMORPG developed in Unity engine by Beijing-based Ironcore Game Studio. This ambitious game is going to release on PC via Steam, with the game page already open. There's also a worldwide Perfect New World closed beta coming soon, so interested players should sign up until April 23.

As you can see from the trailer above, Perfect New World is a stunning action MMORPG where you pick one of three starting races (Elvens, Mythics, and Humans) and respective class (Galeblade, Berserker, and Mysticsword. Detailed character customization is part of the game, with everything from hairstyles to body patterns.

The Perfect New World closed beta on Steam is starting May 4, 2023, and you can sign up until April 23 through this form. You will be contacted by the devs if you are picked for the test.

Here is the official description of Perfect New World:

Explore an eastern fantasy world with friends

You and your friends venture into the vast continent of Perfect World in search of mystical eastern powers. Mysteries of all kinds await your discovery. Boosters will unlock new perspectives to help you better explore this unknown world. There are exciting team collaboration contents in games. In many mysterious and unknown areas, there are ancient temples that have been sealed and abandoned caves. These mysterious areas make up various dungeons with different gameplay. The emphasis is on team interaction, multi-player participation and cooperation, to unleash the wisdom of the team.

Select a race and customize it into anything you want it to be

There are three races to choose from: Elvens, Mythics, and Humans. You may choose to be a war-ending Galeblade, a battle-hardened Berserker, or a free-spirited Mysticsword. Whoever you choose to be, you can always stand out in a crowd through character customization. With a highly customizable character creation system, each player has a stage to showcase their own unique style. The game combines fantasy elements with a vast array of Eastern classical materials and realistic styles. Players are no longer just facing a cold, lifeless game screen, but are immersed in a grand world full of wonder and adventure.

Master class skills. Build unique combos. Experience hard-core combat!

Each class has its unique talent system. Unrestricted skill releases and a wide variety of combos give you a constraint-free combat experience, allowing you to develop your own fighting style. Within the same class, players can choose to rely on speed to win, or wait for the right moment to strike and explore different strategies. The game encourages players to think creatively and explore different approaches, allowing for a diverse range of character builds.

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