Phantasy Star Online 2 release possible by fans, Sega says “game is delayed”

Phantasy Star Online 2 canceled

If you've been waiting for Phantasy Star Online 2 to release in the West, just as Sega announced eons ago, then you should shake all the dust and cobwebs off your clothes. But here's some hope for you: a group of five fans is working on Polaris, the private PSO2 server project, and plans to finally bring the game to North America and Europe, even if they still have to find the time to do all the work that this enthralls (and Sega allowing it, of course, which seems unlikely).

At the very least, something good already came out of this project: Sega replied to this with the following comment: “We don't have a comment on PSO2 in general beyond what we've already said before – that the game is delayed and that we'll update the public when we have any news.” Could this be another glimpse of hope that Sega hasn't actually abandoned the Western versions of¬†Phantasy Star Online 2?

Cyberkitsune and AIDA is the duo that is making possible for US players to get in Phantasy Star Online 2, but they admit that “client English patches can only go so far.” So, the ambitious idea is to mod the game and even get English customer support. Through reverse engineering, the team of five has a private server running (Polaris), but for now there's not much you can do besides creating a character, running around and chatting. Ultimately, this project would be successful if reaching one of two goals: to continue development and be released, or to make Sega aware of the interest still surrounding PSO2 and work on the official release.

The last time we heard something official from Sega was a tweet in September 2014, still throwing the word “delayed” around.

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