PlanetSide 2: second continent in beta, third after release

Sony Online Entertainment is actively working on a second continent for the free-to-play massively multiplayer shooter (and they truly mean it) PlanetSide 2. However, John Smedley’s announcement also revealed that a third continent will only be available shortly after release – which could mean by the end of the year.

“We also are working hard on Esamir. It’s getting closer and closer to a finished state where we want you guys to play on it. It’s pretty awesome and very different gameplay wise than Indar,” Smedley said in a forum post. The third continent is called Amerish and work on it will resume after Esamir is completed.

SOE is currently working on other aspects of PlanetSide 2, which is in its closed beta. Performance and gunplay are two major concerns (as you can see in our PlanetSide 2 First Look Gameplay video), but there are also debates on continent locking.

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