Punishing: Gray Raven is now available on PC

Punishing: Gray Raven is now available on PC

A great game is now even better starting today. KuroGame has announced that the global hit Punishing: Gray Raven is now available on PC, once again for free. With over over 50 million downloads on Android and iOS, it is regarded as a terrific action RPG with an engaging combat system and cool characters, or Constructs as they are called.

You can download the official Punishing: Gray Raven PC version from the website. What's best, there's cross-platform support, allowing you to sync your account and keep your mobile progress on PC. However, Rainbow Cards are not transferable across platforms.

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With the dedicated PC client, players now have native support for mouse and keyboard control, as well as controller support, something that previously was restricted to running the game on an Android emulator. The potential of PC also allows for enhanced graphics, improving on a game that was already interesting, but is now even better.

Punishing: Gray Raven has a major content update launching alongside the PC version featuring an all-new story chapter: Her Last Bow. With the debut of a new Tank Omniframe Nanami: Starfarer, the new chapter tells the story of Nanami, a mechanoid traveling across different alternative universes through Future Simulation to find a way to bring the future back to humanity.

This time, Nanami brings us a unique combat style that integrates mecha attacks.Her Last Bow presents us with a post-apocalyptic yet hopeful tale of the mischievous girl with a splash of romance.

Two fresh SFX coatings will be available after the update for two Omniframes: Kamui: Tenebrion and Bianca: Veritas. These two new coatings, Tiger Imperium and Spring Huntress, are inspired by the Spring Festival and ooze with the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

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