Ragnarok Begins Release Date

Ragnarok Crusade Midgard Chronicles Release Date

Update: The game changed its title to Ragnarok Begins.

A Ragnarok Begins release date is something that many players have been wondering since Gravity revealed the new Ragnarok game. One of several, in fact, but probably one of the more interesting games of the bunch. The initial info was slim, but soon we learned that this wasn't a Ragnarok Online sequel; instead, it's a spin-off that takes a different and interesting approach to the series.

Ragnarok Begins Release Date | When is the next Ragnarok Online releasing?

The PC exclusive Ragnarok Crusade Midgard Chronicles was revealed in November 1, as part of Gravity's line-up for G-Star 2019. This included other Ragnarok games such as Ragnarok Origin, Ragnarok X New Generation, Ragnarok Tactics, and The Lost Memories: Valkyrie Songs (yes, it's a Ragnarok game as well), among updates to the current games of the franchise.

Not long after, we found out that Ragnarok Crusade Midgard Chronicles wasn't Ragnarok Online 2, but a side-scrolling 3D action RPG based on the popular IP. The initial surprise was quickly replaced by an attentive stance, as the Ragnarok Crusade gameplay seemed enjoyable and compelling. It looked like Ragnarok Crusade was inspired by Dungeon Fighter Online and Closers, to name just a few action RPGs.

You control your character using the keyboard, with keys for skills, which come with the usual cooldowns. The mouse doesn't seem to be necessary during the action, although you can use it to customize your character or access the UI.

Ragnarok Crusade Midgard Chronicles Release Date

Despite being a spin-off, Ragnarok Crusade is canon. The game acts as a prequel to Ragnarok Online, with the story being set 100 years before the events from said game. You will become part of a conflict between Rune Midgardz and the Republic of Schwaldzwald, which you have to solve by the usual ways: through a lot of punching and slicing.

While Ragnarok Crusade will have a focus on PvP, there is PvE content as well. In fact, most of the game will see you beating mobs and defeating bosses, leveling up your character until you unlock PvP modes further down the road.

The Ragnarok Crusade Midgard Chronicles release date is yet undisclosed, but we're betting that late 2021 is a reasonable estimate for SEA regions. The closed beta in South Korea started on September 1, 2021, so that should give you a good idea. If Gravity decides to release a Ragnarok Crusade global version, we probably have to wait until 2022 to play this game in English and other languages.

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