Record of Lodoss War Online launches on April 6

There's a new anime MMORPG coming really, really soon. Record of Lodoss War Online is based on the popular franchise that began as a series of fantasy novels and ultimately was turned into a whole series, with anime, manga and games adaptations. A new MMORPG is about to be released on April 6, after a short beta.

Record of Lodoss War Online, or Lodoss War Online for short, is developed by Korean studio L&K Logic and features four classes: Esquire, Oracle, Magic User and Rogue. Magic User, really? Well, at least the Rogue isn't called Blades User or the Esquire called Sword User. Each class has two advancements – the Esquire, for example, can advance to Paladin or Knight, and the Rogue can choose between Scout of Thief.

Although we would really love to look forward to Lodoss War Online, it looks like just one more of those isometric browser-based games, although you have to download a client, which we assume is the usual kind of micro-client. The promo videos reveal nothing about the game and the official website is bare-bones, with a broken “Engrish” translation and similar to many other websites supporting these games.

If you plan on trying Lodoss War Online, let us know what you think of it.

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