Revelation: when Blade and Soul meets Aion in China

Revelation is an upcoming MMORPG from Chinese studio NetEase which was revealed during GStar 2013. Development began in 2009 and the game is finally showing promise, mixing the visual style and some gameplay features of two of the best current MMORPGs: Blade and Soul and Aion. It's easy to see the visual similarities, from the character design to the way they are animated, complete with special moves. As far as features go, there's Blade & Soul's air sprint and Aion's gliding, for example.

The proprietary engine is called BigBang and just like Dragon Sword (also from NetEase), this is another Chinese game which looks great but doesn't score high in the originality department. The chances of coming to the West seem very slim, but we'll keep an eye out for it.

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