Revelation Online developer announces MMORPG Twilight Spirits

With Revelation Online coming to the west thanks to, Chinese developer NetEase is on the verge of announcing in detail its new PC MMORPG (thanks 2P) at ChinaJoy. Called Twilight Spirits, the initial tease came as something of a surprise, as this game seems to share a lot of mechanics and visual style with Revelation and NetEase's previous MMO, Dragon Sword, in itself clearly inspired by NCSoft's Blade & Soul.

Twilight Spirits runs on the proprietary Nirvana engine and seems set to continue on the strong trend of eastern culture and style that the previous NetEase games featured, but this time there could be some hints of western culture thrown in. The game also features a non-target combat system and a Dragon Spirit Moment mechanic – when you dodge the enemies' attacks, the mechanic will be activated and slow down time, making your character pretty much invincible and increasing damage. Probably something similar to bullet time, only in an MMO.

It is, of course, too soon to know whether Twilight Spirits will be coming west, but considering that NetEase plans to extend its grasp to the western market and is already doing so with Revelation Online, we now see a good chance of this happening.

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