Rise of Incarnates presents Erendira Quinn and Reinhold Kruger

Bandai Namco revealed two new characters from the upcoming free-to-play brawler Rise of Incarnates: Erendira Quinn and Reinhold Kruger. A new arena was also revealed, Paris with its popular Arc de Triomphe.

In line with the first four characters revealed (Ares, Mephistopheles, Lilith and Grim Reaper), the two new contenders have something extraordinary about them. Erendira Quinn rides her very Tron-like motorcycle Brynhildr while Reinhold Kruger fights inside his mobile armor Odin. Watch the presentation video below, revealed during E3 2014.

We have a Rise of Incarnates first look based on the alpha build that should give you a pretty good idea about the potential of this exciting fighting game.

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