Rock Band makers announce F2P music driven FPS Chroma

In a surprising turn of events, Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix is stepping into free-to-play with Chroma, a music-driven FPS developed in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment, makers of CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Chroma is powered by Unreal and is already accepting alpha applications on the official website.

While there's still no gameplay video, Chroma is said to tie first-person shooter mechanics with the game's soundtrack, influencing combat, traversal and more. Players will be able to choose a weapon loadout according to their own music taste, choosing weapons “from deep wobbling bass to the crunch of an electric guitar, crushing metal drums to poppy synths.” There's a team focus to the game, with different classes and perks for each one. The battlefield plays a vital part in Chroma, with frequent real-time shifts, “raising sniper towers, adding cover, and more in sync with the music.”

Chroma is promised as free-to-play but not pay-to-win, with deep customization but fun and fair to all players. This FPS is scheduled for later this year on Steam as a free-to-play game and you can watch the cinematic announcement trailer below.

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