RuneScape: 200 million users, bad time to be a dragon

Jagex just announced that RuneScape is not satisfied with its Guinness World Record, this free-to-play MMORPG is just growing and threatening to devour entire countries whole. Kind of.

With over 200 million registered users, RuneScape is a mammoth that still lives on since its inception on January 2001. An image with some additional – and wacky – statistics was released. Here are some of those stats:

– 150 dragons are killed per day by each player.

– If Runescape were a country, it would be the fifth most populated in the world (it’s currently 63% of the size of America).

– Players LOL 10 times a second.

– 27 players die each second.

– In five-and-a-half weeks, RuneScape players chopped enough wood to build a bridge to the moon.

Jagex is currently developing the free-to-play MMO Transformers Universe and recently shut down strategy game Eight Realms.

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