RuneScape-like F2P MMORPG Eldevin enters closed beta

Hunted Cow Studios just announced the beginning of the closed beta of Eldevin, a browser-based free MMORPG that brings to mind the hugely popular RuneScape, which can’t be a bad thing.

Players interested in trying this game from the developers of Fallen Sword must apply on the official website. The studio is hoping to get a lot of feedback from players to improve the game, which is in development for around 8 years.

Guild Wars 2 best MMORPG


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  • Trilient

    Holy crap, why have I never heard of this? Looks promising, almost like a slightly better version of Runescape. It really looks like a direct copy, although perhaps they’ve done it better. About time a runescape clone was made, was tired of half-assed WoW clones.

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  • Looks like a great and enjoyable game. Something different like all the other games that came out back in 2012 and 2013, e.g. Tera, Rift, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2 etc.

    Can’t wait to see a bit more of the gameplay.

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