RuneScape NextGen revealed by mistake during livestream

RuneScape NextGen was just revealed during a RuneScape livestream by Jagex Mod Shauny on May 12. What a terrible mistake… or is it?

When Jagex Mod Shauny was saying goodbye to everyone who was watching the livestream, suddenly a logo pops for something called NextGen. Then we hear Shauny saying a lot of “oh my god” and “I'm about to lose my job” as the livestream keeps going for an entire minute. Plenty of RuneScape fans feel sorry for Shauny and hope that he won't be fired, while the rest of them actually think the whole thing was staged and have serious doubts about the NextGen logo input being innocently sitting right there. This could be an elaborate marketing stunt and here we are, talking about it, proof that it worked.

Anyway, this RuneScape NextGen is obviously a mystery and it could either be another update for RuneScape, or a true new game built from scratch. JagexOsborne confirmed the existence of the game on Reddit and also that Shauny wasn't going to be fired:

“Don't worry, Shauny! Honest mistake, we all make them. This was a slide from an internal company livestream, so there must have been something leftover from that. God bless you Shauny – we just have to teach you to cut feed when a stream is over!”

He also added that he was happy to see people pick it apart and speculate, but we shouldn't expect any info anytime soon.

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