Scarlet Blade ladies show their PvP in a new trailer

Aeria Games revealed a new trailer for the upcoming free-to-play mature MMORPG Scarlet Blade, this time focusing on the PvP component.

At the outset, players will choose between two factions: The gold-clad Royal Guards or the crimson Free Knights. When the powerful AI known as Mother split into two separate personalities, each believing itself to be the original, the opposing factions were born. The Royal Guards believe that the player-controlled Arkana are dangerous tools to be kept in check, while the Free Knights wish to set them free after the danger to the world has been thwarted.

There’s no shortage of locations where the factions clash in fast-paced combat. Two instanced battlefields await eager players: the 30v30 Janus map and 80v80 Turnpike map. Both of these action-packed battlefields feature objective-based contests for players to eliminate key PvP targets while protecting their own. Even larger battlefields that will accommodate more players are also planned for shortly after Scarlet Blade’s launch.

For the ultimate PvP challenge, the huge open-world zone of Caergate pits both factions against each other and vicious NPCs. In this dangerous zone, massive raid-level bosses roam free with some of the most highly sought-after loot in the game. But it won’t be a matter of just defeating the bosses themselves—players will also have to fight with eager members of the opposing faction over the kill.

Players can sign up for closed beta now at

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