Scarlet Blade shows its outrageous (and big) customization options

Aeria Games revealed a new trailer and screens for the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Scarlet Blade (originally known as Queen’s Blade Online). This is a mature MMO game and is now currently in closed beta, so you can sign up at the official website.

Just like with previous trailers – who could forget the peculiar Scarlet Blade NSFW trailer –, this new trailer is a bit spicy and once again highlights the female warriors’ attributes. How? By the lack of clothing made possible thanks to the customization options. There’s a large selection of attires to choose from, surely most of them quite small and the Grafting system allows for the appearance of any piece of gear to be transferred to another player intact. This is also a game where lingerie seems to play a major part, contributing with additional stats (sexiness?) to the character, as well as being the proper outfit to enter the strict Delilah night club, that features a very strict dress code. The trailer speaks for itself.

Scarlet Blade includes futuristic bikes and cool mech suits, but those certainly pale in comparison to the clothing of the main characters, wouldn’t you agree?

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