Shape a dynamic open world when Fractured Online’s Early Access launches

Fractured Online early access

Fractured Online, a dynamic open world MMORPG from Dynamight Studios and Gamigo, is ready to make its biggest announcement yet: its Early Access release date! Fractured Online will be available via Early Access on Steam on September 15, 2022.

Described as the “first truly dynamic MMORPG,” Fractured Online aims to offer a modern sandbox MMO experience. Inspired by games like Ultima Online, Dynamight Studios aims to combine the feel of isometric RPGs with modern gaming innovations.

Combat in Fractured Online is skill-based, rather than targeted. This means that you must carefully aim your arrows, swords, and other weapons or skills at the target, not just rely on point-and-click or fixed target combat. Skill-based combat also means that movement is important, as dodging attacks and skills from your enemies will keep you alive. There are hundreds of abilities available to learn, some with special status effects, maintaining a constantly engaging combat experience.

Because of its sandbox nature, Fractured Online also relies solely on a player-driven economy. Every usable and equippable item in the world comes through player activity, from gathering raw materials to crafting. Materials and markets are also localized, specific to their regions and towns, making it essential for players to travel to trade goods.

Fractured Online's Early Access

Likewise, players are in control of almost every social and political aspect of the game. Excluding starting cities, all cities and encampments are player built and player controlled. This doesn’t just mean settling down and ignoring your surroundings, though: territory and settlements can be conquered from more aggressive player factions, so player diplomacy is also key.

This becomes more interesting when you add in the factor of the three races of the world: Human, Wildfolk, and Demon. Each race has its own sub races, and its own style of play: Wildfolk are peace-driven, Demons are battle-driven, and Humans strive for balance in between. Each of these races inhabits a home planet, and players can work together to use portals to travel to other planets for a limited time, waging battle and gathering exotic resources.

All of this adds up to make Fractured Online a persistent, living world that constantly changes according to every player’s actions and interactions. It will be up to players to not just explore and settle the landscape, but also to make alliances and defend against enemies. Players ultimately determine the tone and mood of every encounter, from the safety of a lone gatherer to the territory wars between large alliances.

With everything that awaits, Fractured Online’s Early Access period on Steam can’t come soon enough! But if you can’t wait until September 15 for the Steam Early Access, we have better news for you.

From September 2 through September 5 – before Steam Early Access starts – Fractured Online will be hosting an open weekend! Be on the lookout for key giveaways as many content creators and media outlets will be giving away keys that give you full access to the game during the free weekend period. You can use this time to explore the different races, the open world gameplay, crafting, and more.

In fact, we have a key for you today! Use FRACFREEMMOSTATION to get access.

To redeem your key:
1. Create a Glyph Account at:
2 After creating your account, head to, and click on “Redeem a key” in the top menu bar.
3 Log into your account and enter the key! Then follow instructions to get started on your free play time.

**These keys will be redeemable from 2nd September 4pm CEST to 5th September 4pm CEST and will grant access to the Fractured Online beta for 72 hours after redemption.**

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