Skirmisher Yuri is now live in Master X Master

master x master yuri

Yuri Tchaikovsky is now live in Master X Master, after a short period of teasing. She is a skilled martial artist with devastating attacks and is able to manipulate Sol energy into her Cosmic Fist style. What this means is that she punches hard and fast.

You can learn all about Yuri in her Master page, including her two alternate skins. In our opinion, her in-game face doesn't quite match the original artwork and looks a bit odd, to be honest, and her voice is also divisive. It doesn't matter, she looks fun to play and Master X Master is a really good game.

You can get Yuri from the game store in the Fists of Yuri bundle, for 6714 X-Coin. This gets you Yuri and her two alternate skins, Sol Master Yuri and Bloodfist Yuri.

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