Skyforge makers are developing an “anti-shooter” called FRAG

Allods Team, the Russian studio responsible for Allods Online and the new sci-fi fantasy MMORPG Skyforge have just revealed F.R.A.G., a new game that is in the works since last year by a small group of developers. FRAG has now been revealed to the Russian media and is being billed by its authors as an “anti-shooter” due to its unusual gameplay. Sign-ups are being accepted for a very limited closed beta test at the official website.

According to Ilya Karpinski of Mail.Ru, which includes Allods Team, there wasn't any real plan at the time for a new project, but since FRAG looked different they decided to give the small team a chance to realize this idea, a game that goes against the established rules of the shooter genre.

But what is this “anti-shooter” thing and what is so different about FRAG? Well, for now, there are no details, but these should be revealed soon, probably on April 25, as the official website has a countdown. We'll have to wait and see if FRAG is actually a shooter that stands out from the rest or not.

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