Skyforge: Obsidian and Allods team reveal new trailer

We haven't heard on Skyforge for quite a while; the last thing we knew of this free-to-play MMORPG was that Allods Team managed to get Obsidian Entertainment on boardand while the studio's task is still a bit of a mystery, their renowned for their stories so we'd wager that it's something to do with the story of Skyforge.

Allods Team just revealed Skyforge officially – there wasn't a true announcement trailer before, just a couple of developer interviews and engine test videos – with a new and definitely impressive trailer. The game seems to blend sci-fi and fantasy and is “set in a brand new universe of gods and heroes, who utilize futuristic technologies to fight off dangerous creatures and protect their planet against space invasions. The strongest of the heroes will follow the path from a young immortal to the Great God, ascending to the glory and ultimately heading their Pantheon.”

Skyforge is in development since 2010 and will offer action combat as mentioned on the new official website, something that goes against the original intentions revealed in the FAQ, which refers to a familiar combat system. We approve of this change.

Here's the Skyforge announcement trailer.

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