SMITE gets Siege mode and Egyptian god Osiris

Hi-Rez today released a new patch for the acclaimed free MOBA SMITE and with it two major additions. One of them is the new game mode, Siege mode, which is currently in beta and will be improved according to the feedback from the community. Siege mode is a two lane, conquest-style 5vs5 map with a Mayan theme, where teams will earn points during normal combat to spawn friendly Siege Weapons. These towers work similar to minions but have massive amounts of health and deal out more damage. Players can also teleport to a friendly Siege engine at anytime. A closer look at Siege Mode is available in this video.

The second big addition is the new Egyptian god Osiris, Broken God of the Afterlife. A melee warrior, he uses his ultimate Spirit Rip to transform into his spirit form where he will immediately target the lowest health god in his radius, and rip a fragment of their spirit out, dealing damage and preventing them from healing. In good old Egyptian fashion Osiris can also tether enemies with mummy wraps when using his Judgement Tether ability. You can watch the Osiris reveal video below.

SMITE is also getting a new league system and more features. You can read the patch notes at the official website.

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