Snowbreak: Containment Zone global release revealed for PC and Mobile

Snowbreak: Containment Zone global release

The makers of the acclaimed Girl Cafe Gun have just revealed the first promotional trailer for the studio's upcoming anime shooter Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Amazing Seasun is planning on a Snowbreak: Containment Zone global release this year for PC, Android, and iOS, and pre-registration has just started today on the official website.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a 3D third-person shooter RPG set in a near-future sci-fi background. The game supports cross-platform progress sharing and combines gun shooting, character skills, action elements, and storyline, aiming to bring players a unique gaming experience.

In 2057, the world suffered from a mysterious disaster called “The Descent”.
Prosperous cities were severely damaged and designated as the Containment Zones, polluted areas where “snow” falls constantly. Players will play the role of Adjustant who joins the first human anti-Titan armed force, the Heimdall Force. Their mission is to return to the Containment Zones with the manifestations (team members), fight against the Titans and other forces, investigate the truth, and protect humanity.

Running on Unreal Engine 4 and showing a big jump in quality from the studio's previous shooter Girl Cafe Gun, Snowbreak: Containment Zone seems to lean more towards games such as Punishing: Gray Raven and perhaps even HoYoverse's upcoming action game Zenless Zone Zero. However, shooting will be from an over-the-shoulder perspective, giving a better look on the targets.

The Snowbreak: Containment Zone closed beta will begin soon, and while pre-registering on the official website, you may also be lucky enough to win an iPhone 14 pro 256G or SAMSUNG S23 Ultra 256G in the Lucky Draw event. Check all the details and rules on the game's page.

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