Soul Worker gets new gameplay trailer

soulworker video

Just as Korean developer Lion Games announced, the second Soul Worker trailer was just revealed and it features plenty of gameplay footage and anime eye-candy for everyone who was expecting news on this game since the first trailer debuted in 2011. This new trailer marks a new era for this anime action MMORPG, since the game went through several design changes and is clearly different from what we first saw. One of the major changes was the third-person camera, which used to be all over the place and is now fixed behind the player. We would say it is looking pretty good so far and with a Shin Megami Tensei vibe.

The trailer shows three of the titular Soul Workers, which are weapons that tie to the emotions of the characters that hold them: Soulum Sword (revenge), Gun Jazz (pleasure) and Mist Schyte (madness). Each character, from a total of six, has its own storyline and there are plenty costumes to chose and collect, including a nurse outfit.

There's still no news on a Western release, since the game is only signed for China and Taiwan at the moment, besides South Korea, where a closed beta is expected later this year, after a Focus Group Testing during the first half of 2014.

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