Soul Worker has officially launched in Japan

The highly anticipated anime action MMORPG Soul Worker (often called Soul Worker Online) is now available in Japan, having launched on April 7, 2016 by publisher Hangame. Korean developer Lion Games firmly believed in its game, which was revealed to the public in 2011 and went through a massive revamp that changed the camera angle and a lot more. Hangame is betting a lot on Soul Worker, having spent some reasonable budget in voice acting, anime shorts and even having GARNiDELiA, a popular Japanese duo performing the theme song.

Here's a new Soul Worker gameplay video taken from the open beta by the awesome Rendermax. If this video doesn't convince you on the fast action and… short skirts of Soul Worker, then nothing will. Sadly there's still no news on a western release, and we've lost count on how many times we've written this sentence.

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