Star Trek Online: Stormfall launches on consoles

Star Trek Online Stormfall

Stormfall, Star Trek Online’s next chapter which is now available on PlayStation and Xbox. In the game’s latest update, players learn that Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman) and her Terran forces plan to summon a dangerous adversary from their past. Captains must team up with Marshal Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson) and an Andorian rebel named “Rae-Yeet” (Noah Averbach-Katz) to stop the Terran Empire from taking over. Stormfall also introduces a host of exciting gameplay content to consoles for the first time, including:

  •  Two Featured Episodes – Captains hailing from all of the game’s various factions can explore two brand new episodes, “Blueshift” and “The Calling.” Captains will team up with Admiral Leeta and Terran Marshal Janeway to rescue Ilia and stop Terran forces from summoning a powerful new nemesis.
  • Remastered Starfleet Tutorial – The tutorial for the main Starfleet faction has received a major upgrade. This new introduction will not only provide aspiring Captains with a smoother starting experience, but also adds new upgraded environments and even more interaction with the Borg and Admiral Janeway.
  • TFO Rebuild – “Forged in Fire” is a complete rebuild of a fan favorite, “The Assault on Terok Nor.” In this five-player ground Task Force Operation, players will assemble an assault team to stop Admiral Leeta, who now has the power of the Pah-wraith, non-corporeal beings once native to the Bajoran wormhole.
  • “Heart of the Storm” Special Event –  Captains who play through numerous episodes and TFOs associated with Mirror Universe can unlock an exciting new reward, the Kuumarke Visionary Ground Set.


June 30 through July 30

Summer has officially returned to Risa, which means it’s time for Star Trek Online’s annual Lohlunat Festival to begin! From June 30 through July 30, Captains can travel to the tropical planet of Risa to participate in a series of summer games and earn this year’s coveted prize, the all-new Cnidarian Defender [T6]. This special ship, based on the first alien beings encountered on Star Trek: The Next Generation, can be flown in both saucer and jellyfish modes. Festivities for this year’s event, all of which progress players towards the new ship, include Powerboard Races, the Biathlon, Horga’hn Hunting, Scavenging with Sovak and the coolest Dance Party this side of the galaxy. Players can also earn credits towards hot new items available in the Summer Event Store, including baseball uniforms, floaters and powerboards based on the Andorian Blue Bores baseball team, and new Andorian themed modules, kit frames, Tribbles and Caracals to make sure it’s a cool summer.

This year’s Lohlunat Festival will be available on all of the game’s platforms (Arc Games, Epic Games, PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One) allowing all Captains to join in on the fun.

To learn more about this year’s Lohlunat Festival, stay tuned to Star Trek Online’s blog.


Available Now For a Limited Time

Star Trek Online has teamed up with CherryTree Inc., creators of the infamous Star Trek Borg Cube PC, on a special promotion. For a limited time, those who purchase a Star Trek case or PC will receive a special code to unlock an Elite Starter Pack for each of the three major factions in Star Trek Online, three Elite Services Starter Packs and three coupons which grant 50% a T6 ship (Available for the PC version only). This includes the recently released Star Trek Artifact STO Edition Borg Cube ATX PC Case, which features a special Star Trek Online-engraved backplate, A-RGB lighting, 5-inch forcefield monitor, silvery-blue hand-painted detailing and a laser-engraved collectors crate. Learn more by visiting the CherryTree website.

Star Trek Online Stormfall

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