Swordsman: second class trailer shows three more classes

Perfect World Entertainment released the second Swordsman trailer focused on the classes players can choose from. The first Swordsman class trailer showcased the Wu-Tang, Sun and Moon and House Tong, while this one introduces the Shaolin, Five Venoms and Zephyr School, out of a total of 10 classes. Here is the trailer and official description.

Shaolin: It’s said that all Kung Fu originates from the Shaolin Temple. Shaolin strive to acquire incredible force and strength during their training at the Temple. Through great discipline they develop the physique to be durable where others would get exhausted. Naturally then the Shaolin are able to specialize in both defensive and offensive skills.

Five Venoms: Five Venom disciples were once all part of the Sun and Moon School, but a small band of female members developed into a cult, which worshipped the snake, centipede, scorpion, spider, and the toad. They valued these creatures for their poisonous nature and started applying these poisons in combat. Soon after they started recruiting their own female-only disciples and became known as the Five Venoms School.

Zephyr School: The Zephyr School originates from Taoism, founded by an extraordinarily gifted genius in Kung Fu. A disciple from the Zephyr School is a special one, as they have very strong icy control abilities. They are masters at evasion, being able to turn themselves as elusive as air to prevent enemies from taking advantage of their natural low defensive capabilities.

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