TERA goes free-to-play in Korea and Japan

It seems that TERA’s run as a subscription model based game is about to end. NHN is reportedly working on changing the game to a free-to-play business model, namely the Korean and Japanese versions. The transition for the Korean market should be concluded on January 10th, 2013, while the Japanese version will be concluded in mid-February.

As usual, free accounts will have some limits, such as three to four character slots and longer dungeon cool-down times.

This sounds like the first step in the process of turning TERA into a free-to-play game at a global scale, while nothing is yet announced for the European and North-American versions of this MMORPG. When do you think this is going to happen, and are you interested in seeing TERA as a F2P game?

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  • Trilient

    I would love to see TERA go free to play. I’ve been pretty interested in playing it, however with my lack of free time, I don’t usually like to pay the monthly fees for MMO’s.

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    • FreeMMOStation

      Subscriptions are pretty much a thing of the past, but F2P still needs some more balancing overall to make games interesting. SWTOR, for example, goes way too far with the cartel market 😐

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    • Trilient

      I agree. Subscriptions only seem to work for WoW, every other game that’s tried it has gone free to play months after release, or sometimes even shut down entirely. Even WoW is free to play up to like level 20 or something now.

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