TERA Rising’s second anniversary brings Reaper class

TERA Rising is about to celebrate its second birthday, which means that it's party time and everyone's virtually invited! To celebrate, En Masse is bringing the Reaper class to the North American server on 13th May. The Reaper is a free class that uses chained blades and blends melee and mid-ranged combat. To use the Reaper class you have to possess a level 40 character and the Reaper class will be unlocked at level 50.

Besides the new class, there will be several events. From May 2 to May 13 there is double experience, while during the entire month of May players will earn special reward boxes when they hit levels 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60.

TERA Rising is one of the best action MMORPGs out there, in case you still don't know about it. You can check the Reaper class trailer below.

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