TERA’s first expansion revealed as Fate of Arun

TERA Rising is definitely one of our favorite free-to-play action MMORPGs but it was lacking new content for players who had killed their share of Big Ass Monsters, or BAMs. We've learned recently that the Korean TERA players were treated to the “Transcendence: The Forgotten Continent” expansion and that this could reach the North American Tera before the end of 2014, but nothing is certain so far.

En Masse Entertainment just revealed exclusively to PCGamer that the Western name of the first TERA expansion is Fate of Arun and even accompanied the announcement with the first teaser trailer.

This expansion will raise the level cap to 65 and will also see the opening of the Northern Arun continent, which will host the fourth largest city, Highwatch, home of the Barakan race. Additions include new zones, skills, dungeons, gear, and a new PvP battleground. If you want to know how the Fate of Arun expansion could look and feel, then the Transcendence: The Forgotten Continent trailer below should give you a good first impression.

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