The Exiled is now free, or free-to-play, or any other synonyms

The Exiled free-tolplay

It looks like The Exiled never really took off. Known as Das Tal during its early development days, this multiplayer action RPG from Fairytale Distillery failed to gather a significant player base and, as we all know, a multiplayer game without players is a dead game. With a peak of six players during the last 30 days, there's not much to go on, even if the game is in early access.

The developers were obviously considering their options and what they could do to improve the game, and one of the things they did was removing the three-hour time limit introduced with the Survival Mode. But more importantly, the free trial is now available without time limitations, which means that you can play The Exiled for free. As in free-to-play, although they're not calling it that. The only thing is that you won't have access to the goodies from the Supporter Packs unless you purchase them – these include character slots and extra skins, among other bonuses.

Will you give The Exiled a try now that it's free-to-play… I mean, free?

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