The Secret World drops subscription, still not entirely free

Secret World tv series

FunCom decided to drop the mandatory subscription for the MMORPG The Secret World. However, this doesn’t mean the game is entirely free-to-play, since you still have to purchase the game.

With the game, you can then play it freely, since the monthly subscription is gone. Future optional DLC packs have to be purchased and those will begin next January, the first being free to anyone registering this month. Once in a while Funcom will release a free pack.

And then there’s the usual membership offers, with $15 a month giving you stuff such as double XP, bonus points for the store, mystery gifts delivered regularly and 10% discount on store goods. A Grand Master Lifetime subscription gives you even more advantages.

In the end, we can say that The Secret World just went the Guild Wars way. Do you think this was the best choice for the game?

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